Certified Organic Barrier Spray Treatments

  • Our Certified Organic product provides rapid knock down of mosquitos and other flying pests, and has no effect on non-target species.
  • Essential Oils power our Certified Organic Treatments, and give lasting residual relief from mosquitos.
  • No Compromises- Mosquito Monster’s Organic Treatment is EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt, organic-compliant insect control, with killer results!

Key Benefits

  • National Organics Program (NOP) compliant (see knowledge)
  • Fast knockdown and kill of flying insects
  • Safe and effective for misting applications
  • Broad label with university proven tested performance
  • An excellent choice for sensitive environments in both residential and commercial settings
  • No aquatic setback requirements allows for treatment near or over open water
  • No required re-entry period, perfect for treating areas with a lot of human activity, a high need for effectiveness, while treating in the most chemically sensitive way possible.

Our treatments are applied every 21 days to remain most effective and it has a pleasant, natural (not overwhelming) wintergreen smell. The active ingredient in our botanical insecticide is Pyrethrum, which comes from Chrysanthemum flowers (similar to daisy flowers). Pyrethrum is made up of Pyrethrin compounds that have been called nature’s insecticide based upon many features. It is effective on a broad range of insects and yet presents a very low risk to humans and pets when used around the home. Pyrethrum is a contact insecticide and repels or kills insects that are present, but degrades rapidly in the environment leaving no residue after shortly after use. Since Pyrethrum is extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers, it is a sustainable product that fits in well with our mission.

Organic Mosquito Spraying