Mosquito Spraying

It’s all about improving your Quality of Life…We are delighted to offer a variety of mosquito Barrier Spraying Treatments. A Barrier Treatment is a fine mist that we apply using high-powered, specialized equipment resembling a commercial leaf blower. We calibrate the sprayers and train our staff to apply precise amounts of the customized insecticide solution.
Mosquito Monster incorporates an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) philosophy to control mosquitos. This means that unlike most of the mosquito control market, we do things differently, we look at the big picture.

How are we different? We do the following:

  • Go above and beyond spraying treatments that kill mosquitos.
  • Look for their sources, and eliminate the breeding sites that harbor mosquito eggs and larvae. If possible we eliminate standing water and other likely troublesome areas.
  • Invest more in our customized solutions to prevent mosquito larvae from maturing into adult mosquitos.
  • Stop mosquito eggs from developing further.

This approach breaks the Mosquito Reproductive Cycle. That means truly better results!

Mosquito Spraying 1

Spraying treatment options:

  • Premium Residual 21-day Barrier Spray Treatments
  • Prestige Residual 42-Day Barrier Spray Treatments
  • One-Time Special Event Rapid Acting Barrier Spray Treatments
  • Certified Organic Barrier Spray Treatments.
  • Certified Organic Plus Barrier Spray Treatments

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